Quesadilla means tortilla with melted cheese. Amazing combination of beans, lettuce, tomato, sauce, cheese and it is ready to eat. Very easy to make and need to food preparation for making Quesadilla


Soft Corn Tortilla
Corn Chips or hard corn tortilla
cheese (sharp or mild cheddar or mixed cheese)

Heat the frying pan on medium heat
Place soft corn Tortilla on this and let it turn slight brown on both side.
Remove it from the pan.
Smashed the beans and make paste by adding some water. To this add salsa according to taste.
On one half of soft corn tortilla, place corn chips or hard corn tortilla , followed by smashed beans paste, finely chopped lettuce and tomato, corn chips, sauce and finally cheese.
Place again back on frying pan, press a little with flat spatula spoon and allow it to turn crispy.
Turn the tortilla very gently on other side to make the outer layer crispy.

Your Quesadilla is ready to eat with some soda. Enjoy!

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