Sprouted Salad

How about a having a healthy bowl of salad everyday? There are tons of recipes of salad and in minutes it is prepared, but still we have an excuse of not having it. I thought of having balance diet in terms of nutrition value viz., protein, fat, carbohydrate, sodium salt, calcium, vitamin C and antioxidants, magnesium etc. Just think instead of having protein rich or other rich energy bar, if we have bowl of salad then we are having all mentioned in our diet. Isn't it great?


1 cup of sprouted moong beans
2 grated carrots
1/2 cup corn
5-6 strawberry
1/2 cup chopped lettuce
2-3 tbsp raisins
1.5 tsp olive oil
2tsp lemon juice


For Sprouted Moong beans:
Soak moong beans 1/2 cup moong beans in warm water overnight.
Next day morning drain water and transfer moong beans into thin cotton cloth and tie it.
Keep this in closed container in dark for a day (24 hrs).
Open the tie and transfer sprouted moong beans to siever and wash with cold water.
Refrigerate for latter use.

For Salad:
In a bowl , take sprouted moong beans.
Add grated carrot, chopped lettuce, corn, raisins and strawberry to it.

For dressing:
In a bowl take olive oil. To this add lemon juice and salt. Mix it well.
Add dressing just before eating it, otherwise your salad will be spoiled.

Nutritional perspective:

Protein: Sprouted moong beans, corn
Fat: Olive oil, corn
Carbohydrate: Corn
Vitamin C and antioxidants: Straberry, lettuce
Magnesium: Lettuce
Calcium: Raisins

Above mentioned nutrional perspective is best to my knowledge.


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Tumi said...

What a healthy outlook..great one!