Healthy popcorn recipe

Popcorn can be classified either as junky food or heathy food. It depends how it is prepared. Its interesting to see how much popcorn has invaded our life. Either you are watching movie or kids are playing or just a time pass eating item--popcorn comes first either in adult or kid's mind.
I am pening down here most healthy and economically reasonable recipe to make healthy popcorn:

1 cup maize seeds
3-4 tsp olive oil
1 covered nonstick sauce pan
salt according to taste

-Turn on the gas and place sauce pan on burner.
-Pour 3-4 tsp olive oil in pan.
-Add salt to oil
-Add maize seeds to oil
-Cover the sauce pan with lid
-Allow the seeds to splutter into popcorn for a while
-Remove it from the burner when the spluttering sounds slows down and turn off the gas burner.

Enjoy your popcorn!

Note: You can get maize seeds for popcorn from Raley's or walmart or any superstore for $1.99/lb. Out of whole packet you can make as many times you want. So cheap!
You can also add butter instead of olive oil for butter popcorn

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